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Garfield Park Conservatory County Fair

I love the conservatory, I write about it all the time because they have wonderful programs and its a hidden gem that never fails to make me happy when I’m there.  Today, Sophia and her grandmother and I went to their Annual County Fair.  Even though I am predisposed to like whatever they do, this far exceeded even my expectations. It wasn’t huge but what was there was extremely well thought out.

IMG_4413IMG_4414IMG_4415There were the usual tents with local produce and products that you would expect at a fair.  There was some pretty intense slides and bouncing tents (far right) for the kids and a pen with goats and sheep and ducks.  And those goats must have just gotten a bath because they were pristine! They also had two rings for pony rides with miniature horses– but all different sizes so the bigger kids had a much bigger horse they could go on which I’m sure made many an older sibling happy.  And there was a lovely lively band with seating under the trees.

What you don’t always get and what was so special were all the other activities available.  Below is a seed scooping station.  Wheelbarrows full of seeds and trowels and pots to play with. A GREAT thing for kids of all ages.


They also had an Origami table–an industrious young boy was working very diligently on making a paper swan with the help of the instructor. Now that’s a worthwhile activity. Right next door to the seed station was a station to make your very own corn husk doll and a table where you could make your own pouch with ingredients to make apple cider–what a great idea for kids to make and give as presents during the holidays.

IMG_4416Alas, Sophia had an early morning so we didn’t get to spend as many hours there as I would have liked. But the conservatory is even a good place to take a nap. Here is Sophia napping with grandma on one of the benches in one of the many outdoor gardens close to the fair activities.

If you didn’t have a chance to participate this year, I hope you will get on the mailing list and make sure you calendar it for next year, its really a special event.  Check their website to see all the other neat things that go on all year long. And most of them are free!

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