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I sort of feel like I should have my Big Hair going as I write about something called Swap-O-Rama.  However, it’s actually a super trendy idea.  This is an event that’s clearly geared towards those gifted in sewing or related fields but it’s a fantastic idea far beyond fashion.

The concept is to take something “old” that you own and swap it for something new-to-you that was someone else’s “old”.  Everyone gets something new, everyone is recycling, and we are all honoring the value of what we once cherished and invested in. Perhaps it’s a bit of a stretch but I like the concept.

As for this actual event, its March 20-21 at Chicago Waldorf School, 1300 W Loyola Ave, Chicago. Check out the website for more details.  This is a great opportunity not only for fashionistas and designers but also artists, theater groups and anyone wanting to change their style without spending a fortune. A little known trick–it is relatively inexpensive to have something tailored.  You can look like a million bucks and make that inexpensive outfit look fancy schmancy for a fraction of the cost of a designer label.  The truth is, most people notice how the clothes fit, not who made them.

What the heck, this is a great alternative to window shopping AND an excuse to clean out your closet. Its Spring, start fresh!

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