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GREAT opportunity! Attention First Time Homebuyers

So, things are tough out there. We all know it. They’ve been tough for a while and they will continue to be tough for a while longer. But, we are not at the end of the world, really, we aren’t.  I read some interesting statistics that compared our current crisis to the Great Depression–we aren’t even close to the lows that this country has seen and survived before.  It doesn’t feel like it now, but we will not only survive this–we will live to thrive again!  Ok, enough pep talk. 

Most everyone has heard of the $8,000 tax credit that is being offered to qualifying first time home buyers.  We all know that’s a good thing but a lot of us don’t really know what that means, its something that happens after the fact and its a concept most of us aren’t used to thinking about or dealing with, and that can be scary. Well.  Things just got less scary.  The FHA has just approved use of the tax credit as part of your down payment! Yep, that means that AT CLOSING you are getting the benefit.  Now that is a compelling advantage. Read more at

So, if you have the slightest inkling to make the leap into home ownership, now is the time.  Yes, it will take courage to make such an optimistic move, but what a great return on that optimism, a home of your own!  Things WILL get better and this crisis will become a memory but your home will still be there, something to enjoy and celebrate for many years to come.  There may not be another time that there are so many incentives to make the move so if it makes sense for you–take advantage!!

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