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I love champagne. In fact, it’s my favorite cocktail of all time. I should have been one of those black and white movie stars that lounged around an drank champagne all day. But I digress.  Since I am not a movie star but rather a self employed single mom, I have to look  harder for opportunities to indulge myself. Luckily I have a few friends that like the bubbly as much as I do and between us we usually conspire to get our fix.

I feel I must list my favorites now.  For everyday (ha!) inexpensive bubbles I like Roederer Estate. Do not confuse this with Louis Roederer who makes several champagnes including the (in)famous Cristal. My friend and I recently went to a tasting of all the various bubbles made by Louis Roederer (including the $250/bottle Cristal) and neither one of us walked away impressed.  Personal taste of course.  For my slightly fancier special occasions, I prefer Perrier Jouet. I love all their vintages really.  Finally, my secret super special bubble is the little known Billecart-Salmon Rose.  I am not normally a fan of Rose, preferring always a drier Brut but this is really special.  I had it the first time at my beloved Ambria, the former jewel restaurant in the Belden-Stratford hotel.  Ambria also had the BEST chocolate souffle, I was devastated when it closed many years ago now.

Where to get these bubbles while out you ask? Well, I can only tell you about MY favorite places to get them, and so I shall.  The Bar in the lobby of the Peninsula has splits of Perrier Jouet and is also my favorite bar for everything else.  It used to be even more awesome because they had a great humidor and would provide a cedar stick to light your stogie.  HUB 51 has very reasonably priced and tasty food and dangerously well priced bottles of Perrier Jouet.  I’m not sure Ive ever left with only one bottle on the bill!! I have not run across anywhere that serves Roederer and since Ambria has gone the way of the dinosaur, I have only found Billecart Salmon at the most discerning wine stores. Sigh.

The good news is that I just discovered an ongoing bubbles tasting event!!  Bistro 110 is hosting a tasting the last Thursday of January, February and March!  I’ve always liked Bistro 110 for its awesome location off Michigan Ave, yummy mussels and crusty french bread. Bubbles on top of all that just puts it over the top!  If I can manage it into my schedule, I’ll be there the last Thursday of every month until April–say hi if you see me!


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