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Culture Days and Chicago Street Fests

When I lived in Cleveland a colleague and I got to talking about how unimaginative some people are when it comes to food. As it turns out, her husband was one of those people and because no one I know has the time and energy to make two different kinds of food for every meal, they ended up eating some pretty boring fare most of the time. Then we instituted “Culture Days”.  We would find a local ethnic restaurant and make a night of experiencing a different culture and experimenting with food.  In Cleveland, it can be challenging to keep coming up with new places to go. In Chicago however, we have a plethora of authentic ethnic options. We have whole neighborhoods dedicated to the diverse cultures that make our city great. If you find yourself going to the same old places all the time, get your friends together and institute your own “Culture Days”!

Be sure the check out Chinatown for some Dim Sum, Greektown for some Spanakopita, German Town–aka Lincoln Square-ish for some awesome dark beer, Koreatown–the site is actually in Korean! or any other type of food you can think of! Of course, these rich cultures are not all about food, I just happen to really like food–a lot. 🙂

Now that fest season is here you can indulge your culinary creativity and curiosity while participating in Chicago’s greatest summer pastime–the outdoor street fest!  Check out my website for a complete list of fests and pay particular attention to those focused on some of our local ethnic groups/neighborhoods. In addition, this year a new fest features street food in all its various forms.  Called simply, Street Food Artistry, this fest promises to be a new favorite for all the foodies and fest goers out there!

We live in a fabulously rich city, full of people and food and culture from all around the world, we should celebrate this diversity every day and every way we can.  If we happen to do so under the summer sun with a cocktail in-hand, so be it!

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  1. Hi Isabelle, welcome to Chicago! The site you mention lists many of the same fests on my site, several are good, it really depends on where you are and what kind of vibe you are looking for. How you are going to get to the fest is critical to deciding which ones you want to attend, public transportation is always preferable, partly because parking is usually very difficult when large blocks of streets are closed and also because not driving means you can imbibe at the fest as much as you want! I would say go to every fest you can get to with relative ease, there are only a few that I think we worth traveling far for and none of the ones in May qualify. Have Fun!

  2. Isabelle

     /  May 19, 2011

    Hey, I’m new to Chicago so I could use some recommendations for street fairs for May. I’ve checked out some descriptions at New in Town Chicago and I was wondering what you thought about them. I know May is almost over so I gotta figure this out.

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